Top 5 Snapseed Alternatives

Snapseed is one of the most user-friendly and efficient editing app available out there in the market. It comes with twenty-nine various advanced features including White Balance, Tune Image, Double Exposure, Drama, Vignette, HDR Space, and Lens Blur, etc. The image editor also supports JPG and RAW image codecs. The image editing application is widely used by beginner and professional photographers around the world due to its user-friendly interface.

Initially, the ‘Looks’ tab of this application transforms your pictures by using presets, but for intense editing, you can always the application’s advanced tools. Lastly, you can export your edited images to your camera roll or share them directly onto your social media accounts in the third tab of this image editing application.

Although, this application is one of the best image editing tools, you might also want to use an alternative image editor. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of best image editing alternatives to this application.Download Snapseed for Mac

Why you need an alternative to snapseed ?

There are several reasons why a person can choose to use a similar image editing application instead of snapseed. You may want to try some new applications, or you might want to use a feature that is not available in the snapseed application. You can find some unique tools and features in alternative applications to this image editing tool. Moreover, it is always a better option to have an alternative to accomplish your desired tasks quickly and efficiently.

Best Snapseed alternative apps :

There are a lot of similar applications and probably better applications available than this photo editing tool. You will find some of the great features in these alternatives which you could not use in this image editing tool. The following are some of the best alternative image editing applications to this app.

  1. Adobe Photoshop :

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most widely used image editing tools by professional image editors. Adobe Photoshop is a paid application, and you can create, improve, edit, and add filters to your photos, 3D artwork, and illustrations by using Adobe Photoshop. You can also enhance and edit videos by using Adobe Photoshop, which is a feature missing in the image editing tool discussed above.Check the list of Best Photo Editors for Android

Adobe Photoshop is one of those most significant tools which are used by top graphic designing companies. Adobe Photoshop comes with a separate set of features specifically designed for illustrators. Adobe Photoshop allows you to perform layer-based editing on your images. You can merge various elements from different pictures, and then blend layers in layer-based editing.

While the Adobe Photoshop remains on top of the list in alternatives to this application, you may first need a course to learn using the Adobe Photoshop to its maximum potential.

  1. VSCO:

VSCO is a free image editing tool and you can download it from Google Play Store as well as iTunes. You will see various editing options in this application after tapping on a specific image in the application. Users can also import images from their galleries, and VSCO has the highest number of positive reviews for the filters this application features.

The user interface of this application comes with smooth navigation, and you can easily spot various editing options within the application. Contrast, Filter menu, exposure, temperature, fade, and brightness are some of the most prominent and commonly used features of this application. There is also a search option available in this application with which you can search for images using tags based on tags. You might want to share your edited images onto your social media accounts, you can share your creativity directly on social platforms by using this application.

  1. Polarr Photo Editor:

Polarr photo editor is one of the most widely used image editing tools for creating Instagram photos. The application quick, easy, and comes with a user-friendly interface. The tools available in this application are easy to use, and the application enhances your images better than some other well-known image editing applications. You will find some high-end professional image editing tools in Polarr photo editor including Histogram, Dehaze, and Split Toning. In the iOS version of this application, you can also use the 3D touch tool.

The free filters which this image editing application features are some of the most popular and best filters, and they enhance your images very well. If you upgrade to the pro version of this application which is paid, you will be given the option to add more than one user in one account.

  1. Pixlr:

Pixlr is suitable for both beginner and professional photo editors, and Google Play Store displays this application in the list of ‘Best Image Editor Apps.’ There is a wide range of tools, effects, and filters available in this application. The most prominent feature of this application is the ‘Auto-fix’ option. The ‘Auto-fix’ option is the most professional and quickest way to balance colors. The application can also be used on a browser which means you don’t necessarily have to download the application on your device for using it.

This application is very popular among teenagers because of the collage feature it offers. You can arrange up to twenty-five photos in one collage by using the collage feature of this application. You can also change the layout and background of the collage, and Pixlr comes with a variety of overlays, stickers, and text options.

  1. Canva:

Canva can be a better option if you are looking to share your photos on social media platforms with amazing filters and stunning effects. Canva automatically adjusts the sizes of your pictures for various social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as crops the pictures accordingly. There is also an option available in this application to add texts and graphics to the image. The features this app offers include transparent backgrounds, photo filters, amazing graphics, drag and drop editor, wonderful effects for your pictures, and much more.


Although Snapseed offers a wide range of features and tools to perfectly edit your photos, it will be a great idea to use similar applications to improve your editing skills. Sometimes, these alternative applications may also provide you access to those features which are not available in Snapseed. Lastly, I would recommend you to use Snapseed as well as these alternative apps to practice and improve your editing skills.

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